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Aesthetics & Beauty

Bring your inner beauty out and wind back the clock with our premium aesthetic and beauty services from the best in class industry physician, Dr. Joe Cleaver. 

Aesthetics and Beauty Services in Dallas Texas



At OhZone Clinics, we believe that beauty is not just a treatment—it's an art form. Embrace an experience where you ENHANCE your natural allure, ELEVATE your self-assurance, and EMBODY an elegance that's uniquely yours. With 25 years of combined expertise, our physician, Dr. Joe Cleaver, doesn't just lead OhZone Medical but also is a top instructor of other professionals in the industry through his work at Mint Threads, ensuring that the mastery of aesthetic and regenerative medicine is not just maintained but propelled forward. 

Choosing OhZone means opting for a sanctuary where comfort meets innovation—our unique pain-free process sets a new benchmark in the realm of aesthetics, allowing you to revel in the journey as much as the outcome. We're not just the best choice; we're the gold standard, where top-of-the-line, cutting-edge products blend with the brands you trust, all to sculpt the excellence that you deserve. At OhZone, transcend the ordinary and discover aesthetic services that are a testament to our unyielding commitment to excellence.



Painless PDO Thread Lifts


Discover the revolution of non-surgical face lift technology with PDO threads at OhZone Clinics, where our one-of-a-kind pain-free process elevates your beauty experience. Spearheaded by our master physician and distinguished instructor for Mint Threads, we offer the artistry and expertise of 25 years to redefine your contours without discomfort. Trust in our exclusive technique for a natural, rejuvenated appearance that sets a new standard in aesthetic care. Step into the future of subtle lift and sophistication and learn more about the masters of PDO thread lifts at OhZone.


PDO thread face lift

EZ-Gel: Restore Your Youth


Introducing EZ-Gel at OhZone Clinics: a game-changer in skin rejuvenation that transcends traditional cellular therapies. Our EZ-Gel treatments tap into a richer concentration of your own white blood cells, and up to 10 times the platelet power, delivering a natural bio-filler effect that not only fills but fundamentally improves skin quality and texture. This innovative formula is not merely a filler—it's a holistic treatment that targets everything from fine lines and wrinkles to under-eye bags and uneven textures, ensuring your skin not only looks revived but truly is. With EZ-Gel, you're not just treating your skin; you're investing in deep-rooted skin health and radiance. Learn more about this amazing beauty treatment today.



ez gel bio fillers

Top Lip & Facial Fillers


Unveil refined elegance with OhZone Clinics' array of elite Lip and Facial Fillers, featuring Juvederm, Kysse, Sculptra, and many more of your favorite and most trusted brands. Get ready to redefine your look as our top-tier and cutting-edge selections plump, define, and smooth out the traces of time. Guided by Dr. Cleavers 25 years of experience and instructional mastery, your journey to diminish wrinkles and frown lines will embody precision, comfort, and impeccable results. Elevate your look with the best in class – where beauty is not just treated, but artistically sculpted. 



Collagen Stimulation 


Revitalize your skin's inherent strength with OhZone Clinics' Collagen Stimulation Treatments. This forefront therapy harnesses your natural regenerative capabilities, focusing on boosting collagen production to replenish firmness and vitality. Our experienced physician, wielding a unique, pain-free methodology, ensures that your journey to rejuvenated skin transcends mere enhancement. It's a deep-rooted reawakening of youthful resilience and radiance, tailor-made for your skin's needs. Learn more about our cutting-edge collagen stimulation treatments today.



Laser Hair Removal


Experience the pinnacle of laser hair removal at OhZone Clinics, heralded as the premier destination in Dallas, Texas, with a stellar A+ rating across all categories by DBEST. Our clients enjoy the best-in-class laser hair removal technology, designed to deliver a pain-free experience that sets a new standard in the beauty industry. Our unmatched process ensures a comfortable session with effective, long-lasting results, embracing the latest innovations to provide you with smooth, hair-free skin without the discomfort typically associated with laser treatments. Choose OhZone Clinics for a seamless and superior hair removal journey that redefines the essence of excellence. Learn more about our unique pain-free laser hair removal treatments now.


best laser hair removal

Hair Restoration & Growth


Discover the transformative power of our hair restoration services at OhZone Clinics, where we unlock the regenerative potential of your own biology. Our advanced treatments tap into the vitality of your body's stem cells and platelets, harnessing their natural abilities to stimulate and nourish your scalp. This innovative approach encourages robust hair growth and restoration, channeling your inherent healing mechanisms to not only revive hair but to promote thicker, healthier locks. With a gentle touch and the latest in pain-free techniques, we offer a sanctuary for renewal, where the essence of your own cells is the key to unlocking a fuller, more vibrant head of hair. Learn more about our hair restoration treatments today.


hair restoration treatment
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