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Functional Medical Testing


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At Ohzone, we provide a variety of functional medical testing to help you fully understand your unique physiology. From food sensitivities to genetics and more - we run the same tests that you may pay thousands for in a doctor's office and through insurance payments. Below are just some of the categories and tests that we provide. Take control of your health and schedule a functional medical test in the office, or order online today.





Get relief knowing exactly what sensitivities are causing a reaction.


Food Sensitivity testing can be very useful to help prioritize an elimination or rotation diet. Usually removing foods that the body has produced antibodies to will alleviate symptoms because the source of inflammation is removed. The ideal time course for elimination is not established. Consider the magnitude of antibody response, ½ life of antibodies, patient’s current dietary intake, level of motivation, status of mucosal integrity, and remission and/or progression of symptoms.



Food Sensitivity testing is a broad spectrum test that looks at over 96 different types of foods and how they react with your body. Food-specific zoomers analyze the individual proteins within the element to give you an even closer look at which compounds are causing which problems you may be experiencing.

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Find specific food sensitivities or broad-spectrum diagnostics. 
corn food sensitivity test
lectin food sensitivity test

Lectin Zoomer

dairy sensitivity allergy

Dairy Zoomer

corn food sensitivity test
corn food sensitivity test

Peanut Zoomer

soy food sensitivity test
nut food sensitivity test
seafood fish food sensitivity test

Seafood Zoomer

broad food sensitivity test

Food Sensitivity

gut sensitivity tests microbiome
IBS At home tests

IBS - Sure

gut pathogen tests microbiome

Gut Pathogen

nutrient testing deficiency


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