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Prolozone Injection Therapy


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If you're looking to reduce chronic pain with an alternative to surgery, Prolozone therapy may be the answer. As a non-surgical treatment that can help relieve pain and improve joint function, Prolozone Injections are revolutionary treatments that contain a mix of vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances that help to promote your body’s natural healing. Prolozone therapy injections are relatively quick and easy; most people report feeling relief, alleviation of pain, and improvement of joint function within a few days. In addition to treating chronic conditions like arthritis or low-back trouble, the injections also boost the immune system, making the body better able to fight off infection!

If you're considering this revolutionary, regenerative treatment option for your pain, we invite you to schedule a consult with our team! Learn more about this exciting new medical service offered at OhZone Clinics. Prolozone Injections could be your key to a pain-free life!





How Can Prolozone Therapy Benefit Me?


Prolozone injections are a revolutionary treatment option for individuals seeking relief from chronic joint pain. But how exactly do they work, and what benefits can you expect?

Prolozone injections involve a combination of ozone gas and a local anesthetic, injected directly into the affected joint. The ozone gas stimulates the body's natural healing response, promoting tissue regeneration and reducing inflammation. This powerful combination provides long-lasting pain relief and restores joint function.

When administered, the ozone gas increases oxygen levels in the joint, enhancing cellular activity and promoting the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, damaged tissues are repaired, and the overall structure of the joint is strengthened. This regenerative effect not only relieves pain but also improves joint stability and flexibility.

One of the significant benefits of prolozone injections is their ability to target the root cause of chronic pain rather than just masking the symptoms. By promoting tissue regeneration, these injections address the underlying issues that often contribute to joint pain, such as ligament laxity or cartilage degeneration. This holistic approach leads to long-term pain relief and improved joint function.

So book your consultation now and say goodbye to joint pain and embrace a future free from limitations with prolozone injection therapy.



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