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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy




hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Discover The Benefits 

Unlock the power of oxygen to heal your wounds faster and more efficiently with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. This revolutionary treatment involves a special pressure chamber that increases the oxygen in your blood, improving oxygen supply, reducing swelling, and stopping infection—all while you relax in the chamber. No needles, no incisions, just enter the hyperbaric chamber and let the healing begin.

A Treatment Tailored to Your Needs

Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes, and while many people choose to start with 20 treatments, each case is unique. Please consult your OhZone specialist for a custom treatment recommendation.







How It Works


Inside the hyperbaric chamber, the air pressure is roughly two and a half times higher than normal air pressure, allowing your body to carry more oxygen to your organs and tissues, and supporting the healing process. Normally, oxygen is delivered to wounds through your bloodstream. However, during hyperbaric therapy, your entire body receives the treatment, extending the healing benefits of oxygen beyond the reach of your arteries.

The air pressure in the chamber concentrates the delivery of oxygen to specific areas, such as a wound that needs healing. This high dose of oxygen stimulates the mitochondria in the cells, providing them with energy, and attracting healing stem cells to the impaired area.


Single Session


60-minute session


5 Pack


60-minute sessions


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10 Pack


60-minute sessions



20 Pack


60-minute sessions



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