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VSEL Therapy

Use The Power of Your Cells to Boost Any Regenerative or Aesthetic Treatment. 



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Revolutionizing Regenerative Medicine


OhZone Medical is proud to be at the forefront of regenerative medicine with our cutting-edge VSEL Therapy. Our innovative approach integrates Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem Cells (VSELs) into various treatments, offering a new horizon in medical care.

What are VSELs?

VSELs are a type of stem cell with remarkable regenerative properties. These cells have the unique ability to foster rejuvenation and repair, making them a cornerstone in modern regenerative therapy. At OhZone, we harness the power of VSELs to promote healing and restoration across various treatments.


Our VSEL Therapy is versatile, aiding in:

  • Hair Restoration: Revitalize your hair growth naturally.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Achieve youthful, radiant skin.
  • Joint Regeneration: Restore joint health and mobility.
  • Anti-Aging: Hit snooze on your aging clock.
  • And More: Add these cellular treatments to any regenerative and aesthetic treatment


regenerative medicine DNA technology



A Pioneer in Regeneration

At the heart of our VSEL Therapy is Dr. Joe Cleaver, a renowned expert in regenerative medicine. With his extensive background in anti-aging and functional medicine, Dr. Cleaver brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clinic. His approach to treatment is holistic, focusing not only on the symptoms but also on the underlying causes of health issues, ensuring a comprehensive care plan for each patient.

Dr. Cleaver's expertise is bolstered by his commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in regenerative medicine. He frequently participates in medical conferences and contributes to research in the field, ensuring that OhZone Medical always offers the most advanced and effective treatments available. His passion for helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness is evident in every aspect of his practice. Learn more about Dr. Cleaver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of VSEL Therapy

VSEL Therapy at OhZone Clinics isn't just about treatment; it's about transformation. Our patients experience a range of benefits, from aesthetic improvements to enhanced physical regeneration. Discover how VSEL Therapy can redefine your health and beauty.

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