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The Power of Luma Elite IV Therapy at OhZone Clinics

The Future of Healing with Ozone, Hydrogen, Hemealumen Lights, and Frequencies





Luma IV Frequencies




Introducing Luma Elite IV therapy, a groundbreaking treatment combining Ozone, Hydrogen, Hemealumen lights, and frequencies for a comprehensive wellness experience in one session. Experience the therapy revolution you've been seeking.

What is a Luma Elite IV?


Luma Elite IV therapy is an innovative wellness solution that embraces the principles of holistic health in each session. By combining the rejuvenating properties of Ozone and Hydrogen with the cutting-edge technology of Hemealumen lights and precise frequencies, Luma Elite IV goes beyond traditional therapy methods. This all-in-one treatment is thoughtfully crafted to optimize your health by improving cellular function, supporting detoxification, and revitalizing your body's natural healing abilities. It provides an unmatched experience that simultaneously addresses various health concerns, presenting a unique approach to well-being that nurtures your body, mind, and spirit. With Luma Elite IV, you embark on a comprehensive journey towards achieving optimal health, utilizing advanced therapies to unlock your body's maximum potential.


Luma Elite IV


LED therapy, integral to Luma Elite IV, harnesses light's therapeutic properties to offer diverse health benefits. This advanced, non-invasive approach deeply penetrates the skin, stimulating cellular activity, enhancing collagen production, and promoting healing. It's particularly effective in reducing signs of aging, alleviating pain, diminishing acne, and supporting mental well-being by reducing stress and anxiety. LED therapy's versatility allows for tailored treatments, targeting specific skin and body concerns with precise light wavelengths, making it a comprehensive tool for achieving optimal health and rejuvenation.

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Explore the Transformative Power of Each Light Color

Ultra Violet Lightcursor-hand-icon-1

UVC light effectively combats pathogens, bolstering immunity by triggering antigen release and antibody generation. This technology enhances health by boosting oxygen uptake, fighting infections, improving blood flow, supporting detox, and stimulating vitamin D synthesis.

Luma IV - Ultra Violet Light

Green Lightcursor-hand-icon-1

Green light therapy can help improve balance and calmness, leading to a reduction in skin hyperpigmentation and soothing of inflammation. This treatment targets the root causes of discoloration, promoting healthier and more balanced skin, resulting in a more even skin tone.

Luma IV - Green Light

Blue Lightcursor-hand-icon-1

Blue light is widely recognized for its powerful antibacterial properties, making it a highly effective solution against acne-causing bacteria. By effectively reducing acne breakouts, it actively promotes the achievement of clearer and healthier skin.

Luma IV - Blue Light

Yellow Lightcursor-hand-icon-1

Boosts the elimination of toxins and improves lymphatic flow, while also promoting nerve function and assisting in the repair of damaged skin. This results in a more vibrant complexion and an enhanced detoxification process.

Luma IV - Yellow Light



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