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The Cannula Technique

cannula technique



Cannulas represent the cutting-edge in skin rejuvenation—OhZone Medical takes this innovative technique further with our exclusive pain-free application process. Guided by the expertise of Dr. Joe Cleaver, a renowned instructor at Mint Threads with over 15 years of aesthetic mastery, these innovative tools are the epitome of precision and artistry. Serving as a targeted delivery system for threads, fillers, EZ-gel, stem cells, and more, their flexible and blunt-tipped design minimizes bruising and swelling, providing a comfortable experience and natural-looking results.

Step into the realm of subtle elegance and visible vitality with virtually no downtime. Cannula treatments at OhZone promise an expedient return to your daily life, with enduring effects that can weave their magic for up to two years. Our physician’s unique pain-free method, coupled with their unparalleled expertise, assures you receive nothing less than the pinnacle of care.

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What Products Can Be Used With The Cannula Technique? 

Embark on a transformative skincare journey with our treatments using the advanced cannula technique. 

Renowned for reduced bruising, minimized discomfort, and a decrease in potential complications, the cannula offers a gentler, safer approach. It doesn't just encourage your skin to boost collagen, refine pores, and fade scars - it does so with unparalleled precision and care. And when combined with our elite range of enhancers - Platelet Fibrin, Platelet Plasma, RICH-PL Topical Collagen Stimulation, and EZ Gel - the results are truly breathtaking.

With the cannula's exacting method, our treatments ensure the deepest, most efficient penetration of these powerful solutions. Every drop gets channeled perfectly, optimizing the nourishment and rejuvenation your skin craves. This synergistic blend not only accelerates skin transformation but also enhances firmness and imparts a radiant glow like never before.

EZ Gel


Learn about the benefits of our EZ Gel product when applied with the cannula technique. 


Plasma & Fibrin


Learn more about the cellular treatments that use the cannula technique delivery system.


Traditional Fillers


Enhance your traditional filler treatments with precision through our exclusive cannula technique. 



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