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Fatigue & Energy

Find Your Get Up And Go Again With Our Targeted Treatments Designed To Combat Chronic Fatigue And Increase Energy Levels.

chronic fatigue treatments

Revive. Energize. Thrive.


In today's fast-paced world, a growing number of individuals are grappling with the pervasive challenge of chronic fatigue. Amidst the whirlwind of life's demands, many find themselves perpetually drained, wondering why energy seems so elusive. Contributing factors are manifold: the modern diet is often lacking in genuine nourishment, environmental chemicals pervade our daily spaces, and relentless stressors take a toll on our mental and physical well-being. At OhZone Clinics, we recognize this modern-day epidemic and offer targeted treatments designed to replenish what's missing, counteract energy-drainers, and rejuvenate your vitality. Our therapies are meticulously crafted to combat fatigue at its root, helping you rebuild, recharge, and once again embrace the joys of life with renewed vigor and zest.



Ozone Sauna

Our level one ozone sauna is your gateway to combating fatigue and reigniting your vitality. Ozone, with its revitalizing properties, works diligently to invigorate and replenish energy-depleted cells. As you relax in the sauna's comforting warmth, ozone penetrates deeply, surging through your bloodstream and recharging your body's energy reserves. Coupled with the energizing effects of the heat, ozone helps dissipate feelings of fatigue, leaving you rejuvenated and invigorated. Step in and experience the renewing power of ozone therapy, a beacon for those seeking a fresh burst of vitality.




Embark on a journey to reignite your energy with our level two ozone sauna - the HOCATT. Moving beyond traditional methods, HOCATT harnesses the combined power of carbonic acid therapy, hyperthermia, and electrotherapy to combat fatigue and restore vitality. Feel the energizing pulse from ultrasonic frequency plates, the rejuvenating touch of 6-panel photon infrared light therapy, and the revitalizing effects of cutting-edge PEMF technology. With each session, breathe in oxygen-rich air via a nasal cannula, saturating your body with renewed energy. The HOCATT sauna is not just a retreat—it's a beacon of rejuvenation for those seeking to break free from the chains of chronic fatigue.



hocatt sauna

PEMF Therapy

Step into a realm of reinvigoration with the transformative power of PEMF therapy. PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, is at the forefront of energy restoration techniques. By emitting precise electromagnetic pulses, PEMF revitalizes cellular functions, fighting fatigue at its core. This isn't just about waking up the cells—it's about fueling and recharging your entire being. As cells are energized, they function with renewed vigor, ensuring optimal energy flow throughout your body. This cutting-edge approach doesn't just tackle tiredness but sets the stage for sustained vitality. With PEMF therapy, you're not just battling fatigue; you're championing a new era of boundless energy and zest.



Lymphatic Therapies

Step into an energizing transformation with our Lymphatic Therapies, spotlighting the acclaimed LET service. LET, or Lymphatic Enhancement Technology, employs cutting-edge methods to awaken and invigorate the lymphatic system, a crucial component in maintaining our energy balance. Through optimized lymphatic circulation, LET not only expels fatigue-inducing toxins but also revitalizes your body's cellular landscape. This isn't just a session—it's a rejuvenation journey. For those yearning for an intensified energy boost, complement your LET experience with our specialized lymphatic compression suit. Intrigued? Connect with us and unlock the secrets to sustainable energy and vibrancy.



Fast Acting Energy Injections

Energize your life with our tailored shots and injections, meticulously designed to battle fatigue and supercharge your energy levels. Navigate our extensive selection and discover powerful solutions like our NAD injection program. A counterpart to our NAD infusion IV treatments, this at-home regimen offers a consistent approach to fortifying NAD levels, ensuring sustained vitality over time. For those seeking a quick energy boost, our vitamin shots, including the ever-popular B-12 and B complex, stand ready to invigorate. Not sure where to start? Schedule a consultation with us and we'll guide you to the perfect blend, tailored to reignite your zest for life.



Energy Boosting IV Drips 

Recharge swiftly with our IV drip therapies, tailored to combat fatigue and infuse you with energy that will keep you going through the busy week. Explore our diverse IV selections, each targeting fatigue at its core, from the cellular-boosting NAD IV Infusion to the nutrient-rich Jenny's Cocktail IV blend. Seeking a quick pick-me-up? Our Energy IV, rich in B Vitamins and essential minerals, delivers immediate vitality and can be a quick pick me up after a busy week or overly fun night. For an unparalleled energy lift, experience the MAH Ozone IV, harnessing medical-grade ozone for rapid rejuvenation.

Dive into our IV treatments and feel a vibrant surge quicker than you imagined.


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