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Dallas Hakes - OhZone Clinics


Tailored Treatments with Dallas Hakes, PA-C


Dallas Hakes is here to help you find the right treatment! With her extensive experience and dedication, she will listen to your concerns and understand your health goals. Together, you’ll create a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs. Whether you need a quick visit for a specific issue, a detailed consultation for multiple concerns, or an extensive evaluation for complex health conditions, Dallas is ready to provide you with the highest standard of care.


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At OhZone Clinics, we understand that everyone’s health needs are unique. Our personalized consultation options ensure you receive the tailored care and attention you deserve. Whether you need a brief visit for a specific concern or a comprehensive evaluation for more complex health issues, our skilled professionals are dedicated to supporting you throughout your wellness journey.

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  • Level 1 Visit - $65
  • Level 2 Visit - $150
  • Level 3 Visit - $350

Lab Orders
For clients who know exactly which specific labs they want ordered (e.g., cholesterol/lipids, TSH, CBC, A1C). Labs will be reviewed, and then client will be contacted with results if they are abnormal or concerning.

Prescription Needs
For calling in prescriptions for simple issues (e.g., sick visit, UTI) when the client can't see their PCP, or for a short supply of non-controlled medications (excluding ADHD or controlled pain medications).

Imaging Orders
Requesting an X-ray, MRI, or other imaging studies.

Methylene Blue Prescription
Consult on Medication & Ordering rx if requested.

Peptide Prescription
Ordering one peptide that they’ve taken prior or know which one they’d like to order.

Medical Guidance
A 10-minute session to address medical questions or provide guidance on a specific topic.

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Short and simple visit < 10 minutes

Comprehensive Lab Work
For Clients without a PCP or recent blood work (within the last 1-2 years). Labs will be suggested, ordered, and interpreted. Clients will
be called with results, given suggestions, or advised to see a specialist. Temporary prescriptions may be provided until another provider is
arranged as needed.

Multiple Issues
For addressing multiple health concerns that require more time and detailed charting.

Medication/Peptide Orders
Ordering two or more peptides, medications, or hormones that the Client hasn’t taken or is interested in guidance on them.

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A 20-30 minute visit

Comprehensive Evaluation
Includes ordering and interpreting labs, reviewing current medications, taking a full history and physical exam, conducting a review of systems, and discussing all supplements. A combined traditional and functional medicine approach will be used.

Men's Health/Hormones
Comprehensive visit focused on men’s health, including ordering and interpreting hormone-related blood work, with follow-up included.

Women's Health/Hormones
Comprehensive visit focused on women’s health, including ordering and interpreting hormone-related blood work, with follow-up included.

Complex Case Management
For patients needing multiple labs and an in-depth review of their medical condition. This involves thorough examination of prior labs, ordering new ones, and developing a comprehensive plan. This process is time-consuming and requires extensive charting and follow-up. interested in guidance on them.

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A visit lasting up to 1 hour









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