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Revitalize and Renew with Our Premier Detoxification Services, Banishing Free Radicals that Sabotage Vibrant and Fulfilling Lives

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Revitalize. Reclaim. Renew.


Welcome to the detox hub at OhZone Clinics, where science meets holistic wellness to offer transformative detoxification services. As modern life becomes increasingly laden with stressors and toxins, our body's natural detox pathways can be overwhelmed. At OhZone, we're dedicated to revitalizing your health from the inside out. Our meticulously curated detox services are designed to purge harmful toxins, restore balance, and rejuvenate your body's natural vitality. Navigate through our offerings to discover a bespoke detox journey tailored just for you. Dive into a world where clarity, energy, and optimal well-being await.



Ozone Sauna

Our level one ozone sauna is the ideal introduction to holistic detoxification and the first step in your path to renewed wellness. Ozone, a potent detoxifying agent, aids in the elimination of toxins and contaminants from the body. As the sauna's warmth envelops you and opens your pores, ozone gets to work, reaching deep into your bloodstream. Along with the purifying effects of sweat, ozone aids in flushing out impurities, leaving your body refreshed and detoxified. Embrace the cleanse and feel the transformative power of ozone detoxification.




Dive deep into unparalleled detoxification with our level two ozone sauna - the HOCATT. Transcend conventional detox methods and immerse yourself in HOCATT's potent blend of carbonic acid therapy, hyperthermia, and electrotherapy, specifically designed for thorough cleansing. Experience holistic detox support from ultrasonic frequency plates, 6-panel photon infrared light therapy, and cutting-edge PEMF technology. As you unwind, breathe in the purity of oxygen-rich air delivered via a nasal cannula, ensuring a comprehensive detox experience. HOCATT isn't just a sauna—it's the next-generation pathway to pristine health and detoxification.



Hocatt (angle)

Infrared Sauna

Step into a transformative detox experience with our state-of-the-art infrared sauna. Unlike traditional saunas, our infrared technology penetrates deeper into your skin, optimizing the detox process and ensuring the elimination of toxins at a cellular level. Coupled with the therapeutic red light panel, not only do you receive the detoxifying benefits of infrared heat, but also the rejuvenating properties of red light therapy. This combination accelerates the body's natural detox pathways, flushing out impurities and leaving you feeling revitalized. Experience a deeper cleanse, improved circulation, and enhanced skin health all in one session. Our infrared sauna is more than just a retreat—it's a holistic journey to optimal detoxification and well-being.



PEMF Therapy

Dive into a holistic detox journey with the transformative power of PEMF therapy. PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, is a breakthrough in the realm of detoxification. By delivering precise electromagnetic pulses, PEMF stimulates cellular activity, optimizing the body's innate detox mechanisms. This isn't just about cleansing—it's about reenergizing and rejuvenating from within. As the cells are invigorated, they more effectively expel toxins and absorb nutrients. This revolutionary approach not only aids in the elimination of impurities but also revitalizes overall cellular health. With PEMF therapy, you're not merely detoxifying; you're elevating your body's natural capacity for self-cleansing and rejuvenation.



Lymphatic Therapies

Step into a realm of deep cellular cleansing with our Lymphatic Therapies, featuring the renowned LET service. LET, or Lymphatic Enhancement Technology, harnesses innovative techniques to stimulate and rejuvenate the lymphatic system, the body's natural detox highway. By promoting optimal lymphatic flow, LET aids in flushing out toxins, fortifying immune defenses, and rejuvenating your overall well-being. This isn't merely a treatment—it's a pathway to a deeply cleansed and revitalized body. And for those seeking an elevated detox experience, elevate your lymphatic journey with our specialized lymphatic compression suit. Curious? Reach out and discover how to take your detoxification process to unparalleled heights.


LET Lymphatic

Ozone Blood IV (MAH)

Embark on a transformative detox journey with our Ozone Blood IV (MAH) treatment. This advanced therapy infuses medical-grade ozone into your bloodstream, offering a powerful approach to deep cellular detoxification. As the ozone circulates, it actively purifies and re-energizes your blood, aiding in the removal of toxins and optimizing the body's innate detox pathways. Beyond just cleansing, this Ozone IV treatment enhances oxygenation and revitalizes your entire system, helping you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and rebalanced. Learn more about this innovative treatment and discover a more vibrant, detoxified, and energized version of yourself.




Elevate your detoxification journey with EB02, your ultimate ally in achieving pristine bloodstream health. Think of it as the ultimate detox spa for your blood. By artfully merging the detoxifying properties of medical ozone with the cleansing capabilities of UVA, UVB and multi-spectrum light, EB02 thoroughly purifies and re-energizes your blood. It goes beyond simple detoxification; it's about removing deep-seated impurities and flooding your cells with life-giving oxygen. Immerse yourself in a treatment centered around profound cleansing, ensuring you're refreshed and rejuvenated from within. With EB02, you're not just detoxing; you're embracing the zenith of vibrant, purified well-being.


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