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Immunity Boosters

Our top services for rebuilding a strong immune system and tackling chronic health problems. 

immune boosting treatments

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Looking to enhance your immune system? Our clients often seek our help for chronic immune system disorders, recurrent infections, and other challenges that have weakened their immunity. At OhZone clinics, we offer a range of advanced solutions, treatments, and technologies to restore your immune system's strength. Whether you want to bounce back quickly from a common cold or flu, or need assistance in complementing your ongoing health treatment plans for long-term recovery, we have a solution that will benefit you.  Explore below to discover our options for immune system health and click on the service to learn more.


Ozone Sauna

Our level one ozone sauna is the perfect way to boost your immune system and jumpstart your wellness journey. As you may know, ozone supercharges your immune system by promoting white blood cell production – which is your body's natural defense mechanism. As the sauna's heat opens your pores, ozone penetrates, reaching your bloodstream. Coupled with the detoxifying power of sweat, ozone neutralizes toxins with ease.


ozone sauna


Enhance your ozone experience with our level two ozone sauna - the HOCATT. Go beyond traditional detoxification and discover the ultimate holistic rejuvenation with HOCATT's unique combination of carbonic acid therapy, hyperthermia, and electrotherapy. Benefit with full body support through ultrasonic frequency plates, 6-panel photon infrared light therapy, and PEMF technology, while breathing in oxygen-rich air supplemented through a nasal cannula.  HOCATT is more than just a sauna - it's the groundbreaking future of integrated health.



Hocatt sauna

Immunity IV Drips

Boost your immunity quickly with a powerful infusion of vitamins and nutrient blends that nourish your white blood cells and combat harmful free radicals. Our range of IV drips is specifically formulated to address both chronic and acute immune conditions and diseases. From our high-dose vitamin C drips, for those with severely compromised immune systems, to our ultimate detox bag and NAD drips, we have the perfect solution for you. If you're unsure which option to choose, don't hesitate to inquire about Jenny's cocktail IV blend - meticulously crafted by our founder herself, it contains a variety of essential vitamins and nutrients to help you regain your vitality and bid farewell to those pesky sniffles.




Elevate your body's defense system with EB02, the ultimate immune-enhancing solution for your bloodstream. Think of it as a power-up for your body's natural shield. By synergistically fusing the strengths of medical ozone, UV and multi-spectrum light wavelengths, EB02 actively cleanses and supercharges your blood. It doesn't just detoxify; it enhances your immune response by removing impurities and infusing your cells with invigorating oxygen. Dive deep into a therapy designed to boost your immunity at its core, ensuring you're fortified against life's challenges. With EB02, you're unlocking the pinnacle of immune resilience and vibrant health.




We proudly offer an extensive range of supplements meticulously designed to fortify and boost your immune system. For a super immune boost and detox, ask about our latest and most innovative collection: CellCore. This groundbreaking range champions your body's innate detoxification pathways using advanced Carbon Technology.

While some selections are available through our Fullscript portal, we invite you to visit us at OhZone to explore our comprehensive assortment of supplements. Let our specialists guide you, tailoring recommendations to align perfectly with your wellness goals. And for those eager digital shoppers, stay tuned — a comprehensive online store is on the horizon, ensuring you have effortless access to our curated health boosters anytime, anywhere.
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