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Ozone & Oxygenation

Our foundational treatments that use the power of ozone to heal and revitalize from the inside out. 

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Breathe. Boost. Bounce back.


At Ohzone Clinics, our foundation and heart lie in the transformative power of ozone. This potent and versatile element serves as a cornerstone not only for our clinics but also for holistic wellness. Ozone treatments enhance the body's natural healing processes, bolstering cellular function and oxygenating tissues. Numerous studies have showcased the myriad benefits of ozone in combating bacterial infections, reducing inflammation, boosting metabolism, improving skin, and promoting overall vitality.  As pioneers in this domain, it's our mission to bring the profound benefits of ozone to the forefront of wellness. Dive deeper below and discover our array of leading ozone treatments and services, meticulously curated to elevate your well-being.




Level One - Ozone Sauna

Are you just learning about ozone and curious about the comprehensive health benefits of ozone sauna treatments? Our Level One Ozone Sauna is the perfect introduction to this wellness regimen. This sauna aids in boosting circulation, stimulating the immune system, improving skin texture and health, and enhancing overall cell function. It offers a holistic health experience that goes beyond the surface, focusing on revitalizing your body from within. If you're in DFW and want to prioritize well-rounded health and detoxification, this is your starting point. 



Level 2 - HOCATT Sauna

Looking for the next step in ozone wellness? Our Level Two HOCATT premium sauna is more than just an ozone sauna; it's a multifaceted wellness chamber designed for those who want an advanced holistic experience. This exceptional sauna incorporates ozone with a suite of complementary therapies, including hyperthermia, PEMF, carbonic acid therapy, and electrotherapy. To further enhance the detox and rejuvenation process, it integrates ultrasonic frequency plates and 6-panel photon infrared light therapy. As you unwind in the sauna, you'll also be breathing in oxygen-rich air, maximizing the comprehensive benefits. 



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Ozone Insufflation

At OhZone Clinics we present the transformative benefits of ozone insufflation, a technique where ozone gas is introduced into various parts of the body for direct therapeutic impact. Our ear and nose insufflation can help as a shield against the challenges of cold and flu season, bolstering your immunity and offering respite from seasonal allergies. On the other hand, our vaginal and rectal insufflations not only defend against infections but also serve as deep detox mechanisms, interacting directly with mucous membranes for profound cleansing. Experience the full breadth of insufflation's benefits, ask about our at-home ozone insufflation kits and then visit our ozone bar in the clinic suite. 



Ozone IV Infusion (MAH) 

Level One Blood Ozonation

Get ready for a state-of-the-art treatment with the Ozone IV, also known as Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) and our level one in ozone blood infusion treatments. This pioneering therapy involves drawing a small amount of your blood, supercharging it with a precise mixture of medical-grade ozone, and then reintroducing it back into your bloodstream. The result? A cascade of cellular rejuvenation. The ozone-enriched blood accelerates the body's inherent detoxification processes, optimizes oxygen utilization, and fortifies the immune system. This therapy is not just about cleansing; it's about elevating every cell's vitality and function. Embrace the Ozone IV experience and reenergize your body from within, laying the foundation for optimal health and wellness.


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EB02 with Light Therapy

Level 2 Blood Ozonation 

 EB02 therapy, a harmonious fusion of ozone's restorative properties and the groundbreaking Hemealumen Photo Modulation, is our level two treatment in advanced ozone blood infusion. By introducing ozone into the body, EB02 stimulates cellular detoxification, fortifies the immune system, and enhances blood circulation, setting the stage for profound healing. Complementing this is the Hemealumen Photo Modulation, which harnesses the power of specific light wavelengths: UVB, UVA, Red, Blue, Amber, and Green light. Each light serves a unique purpose, from battling pathogens with UV light to accelerating tissue repair with Red light. At OhZone Clinics, we've designed the EB02 therapy to be a holistic healing powerhouse, marrying state-of-the-art ozone science with transformative light therapy. Dive into a world where innovation meets holistic well-being and uncover a pathway to peak health.


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