MAH - Ozonated Blood IV Therapy

MAH Ozone

Jumpstart Your Detox


This treatment entails pulling 100cc-250cc of blood out of the body and we then push Ozone into it while in the bag. After saturating your blood with Oxygen/Ozone we place it back into your body via the IV. This therapy is the quickest way to jumpstart your immune system and will boosts your oxygen levels, purify your blood and detox you on a cellular level. Ozone is known to kill bacteria, fungus, yeast, mold, parasites and fungi in the body and will attach itself to any heavy metals allowing you to detox them out of the body. This treatment will improve circulation by cleaning arteries and veins. If you’re looking for a jumpstart to your Ozone and just feel your best this treatment is perfect to accomplish this.

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Denise A.

I have journaled my journey through my first time with ozone therapy. Here is what has taken since starting-better sleep, skin softer, hands and knuckles aren’t stiff, better bowel movements, energy level is awesome and continuous energy all day long now and I stay moving through out my day. Most importantly is I have a new special friend named Jennifer! Thank you for all you do!

Adam A.

Everyone…do Ozone Therapy! It is amazing! You will feel like a new person after cleaning yourself out on a cellular level. Do not miss out on this as it is amazing for all.

Annie T.

Dear all of Jenny’s Clients and friends. My life will be forever changed after meeting Jennifer. God has brought me here. Ozone has been helpful given my health situation. I have been on so many narcotics and know I needed to clean out my liver to help me feel less cloudy. Ozone was perfect for that. I also have muscle spasms so the heat of the sauna was perfect for that as well. I leave knowing that not only is there something to help me but there was also someone on my team which is rare with a long health journey. Jenn is genuine, kind, selfless and honest, so it is easy to trust what she believes is best. Best of all-she is one of the coolest friends I have and I love being close friends with her.


Additional Benefits

  • - Improved Circulation

  • - Cell Energizer, skin purifier

  • - Clean Free Radicals

  • - Increased focus and energy

  • - Calms Anxiety

  • - Helps with Depression

  • - Fights Infections

  • - Prevents Allergies

Ozone MAH IV Pricing

1 Session

MAH Ozone IV Single Session
Blood IV Ozone Therapy $225