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Cutting-edge treatments that use the power of your own stem cells to regenerate and revive tissues, joints, & more. 

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Welcome to a world where the healing power of your own body is the hero—welcome to the regenerative medicine services at OhZone Medical. Our suite of cutting-edge treatments is crafted to restore your body's natural balance, regenerate lost tissues, and revive your vitality. Through the marvels of regenerative therapies, we offer a revolutionary approach to healing and wellness. Whether it's renewing joint function, alleviating pain, reawakening hair growth, or enhancing overall energy with NAD, our methods are rooted in the latest scientific advancements and are tailored to your body's unique healing capabilities. At OhZone, we don't just heal, we transform your health narrative, empowering you to live life to its fullest potential.




Joint Regeneration


Discover the regenerative power of our Joint Regeneration therapy, where we employ the unparalleled healing properties of your own stem cells to mend and strengthen. Without resorting to invasive procedures, our treatments are designed to encourage your joints to heal themselves, easing discomfort and restoring mobility. Embrace the ability to move freely and live actively, free from pain and limitations. Learn more about how you can get back into the action with our joint regeneration treatments. 


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Say Goodbye to Pain


Relieve pain and invite healing with Prolozone injections at OhZone Medical. This natural pain relief marvel taps into the power of oxygen to address the root causes of chronic pain, ushering in relief and fostering an environment for healing. Step into a life where pain doesn't hold you back, with a therapy that's as regenerative as it is relieving. Learn more about the transformative power of prolozone injection therapy, where the remarkable fusion of ozone and your body's own cells harmoniously work together to alleviate pain and inflammation. 



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Hair Restoration Treatments


Our Hair Restoration service is centered around the concept of regeneration. Going beyond mere cosmetic enhancement, this treatment aims to revive the natural growth cycle of your hair by harnessing the regenerative powers of your own cells. It's not just about bringing back lost hair, but about reigniting the innate process of growth and promoting a healthy scalp that is both resilient and abundant. Learn more about our hair restoration options and book a consultation to see if they could be right for you.


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NAD+ Injection Program 


Elevate your body's regenerative capacity with our NAD Injection Program. These powerful injections work at the cellular level to revitalize your mitochondria—the very energy centers of your cells—thereby rejuvenating your entire system. Beyond the massive energy boost, NAD therapy supports your cells in repairing DNA and protecting against oxidative stress, resulting in profound effects on mental clarity, physical wellness, and overall vitality. It's a comprehensive renewal, paving the way to enhanced vitality and a reinvigorated zest for life, offering you the chance to experience wellness that transcends the norm. Learn more about our NAD+ injection program and see how it can benefit you. 


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