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Zero Point Plasma Innergy Suite

Welcome to the ZPPIS Room, built on proven frequency healing principles spanning 90 years



ZPPIS Room Frequency Healing

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Discover the revolutionary healing experience with the upcoming Zero Point Plasma Innergy Suite (ZPPIS), a unique integration of advanced frequency healing technologies. The ZPPIS incorporates three different but synchronized frequency systems: Acoustic Light Wave, Scalar Waves, and Innergy ION Rain, each offering a distinct healing component. 

The Acoustic Light Wave system uses dynamic frequencies up to 1,500,000 hz generated through a Large Plasma Tube, spanning 11 octaves and resonating with your body’s natural frequencies. Scalar Waves, inspired by the works of Tesla and Einstein, travel without bounds and amplify the Acoustic Light Wave transmissions, harnessing the phenomenon of Zero Point energy to enhance frequency potential. The Innergy ION Rain introduces a sensation akin to a soothing rain shower, with a high-intensity ION field that relaxes the body and stimulates sensory receptors, complementing the Scalar-enhanced Acoustic Light Wave Frequencies.

The believed benefits of the ZPPIS system include increasing membrane potential, ATP synthesis, cellular respiration, relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, brain rejuvenation, endocrine regulation, improved blood flow, metabolism enhancement, and blood alkalization. 

The ZPPIS setup is designed for ease of use and optimal comfort, consisting of the ALW Master Horizontal Plasma Station, four ALW Vertical Plasma Tube Towers, eight Innergy ION Rain Recliners, and four Normal Recliners. This system is pre-programmed for automatic frequency protocols and can be initiated with a single button push. 

Elevate your wellness journey with the Zero Point Plasma Innergy Suite at OhZone Clinics, where cutting-edge technology meets centuries-old principles. Stay tuned for the official launch and prepare to transform your wellness path.


**Note:** The effectiveness of the ZPPIS system is based on subjective experiences and is not evaluated by regulatory bodies. Always consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any new wellness program.

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