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CureWave Lasers

One of the most powerful healing lasers available, to decrease pain and stimulate regeneration.

Ozone Sauna

The best therapy for building a strong immune system and healing your body, longterm.

Beauty Angel

Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks and more with our red light therapy in the Beauty Angel.


Get rid of free radicals and boost your immune system with one of our Ozone detoxification services.

Ozone Therapy Advantages

Ozone is becoming the most sought after treatment for people all over the world. Our Ozone saunas and detox treatments increase circulation, promote energy, naturally stimulate anti-oxidant enzyme production, improve absorption of nutrients, improve skin tone and so much more.

Ozone Therapy will fuel your body with clean oxygen so that antigens cannot have a home to thrive in. With each session you will walk away knowing you have just built your immune system up so that it can fight off any foreign invaders that you may be in contact with daily.

Eliminate Toxins and Free Radicals

Clean your body inside & out

Stimulates the immune system

Carries away the body's waste products

Promotes Long Lasting Energy

Infuses your body with 100% pure activated Oxygen

Improves Brain Health

Ozone supports healthy brain function

More About our Services

Red Light Therapy

OhZone Clinics

Beauty Angel & Red Light Therapy

The Beauty Angel combines red light technology and Vibra shape training to deliver amazing results for your skin, joints and body.

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Curewave Laser Therapy

Increase blood flow and heal faster

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Laser Therapy Dallas

Laser Therapy

Laser Treatment Stretchmarks

IV Therapy and Supplements

Wellness Inside and Out

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Dr. Cleaver M.D

Board Certified Physician
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Holistic Health and Wellness Nurse

Alaena Grable, N.P.

Nurse Practitioner
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