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hocatt sauna discount

Save $500


Get 10 Sessions in our Premium Level 2 Ozone Sauna - the HOCATT - for only $750!

Blend the power of ozone, PEMF, light therapy, and more for a full body detox experience.

Now through December 31st 


weight loss discount


25% Off Weight Loss


Easily say "NO" to the holiday treats with our weight loss injection program. 

Book your consultation now and get 25% off all new and extended weight loss injection programs. Get a jump start on those new years resolutions and find a whole new you! 


Brighten Skin Bundle


Radiant Skin Bundle


Get 25% Off With Our Skin Brightening Bundle.

Enjoy one Microneedling Treatment, one EZ Gel lower facial treatment, and one Botox or Disport treatment up to 40 Units, and save up to $650!

Book your treatment today before this amazing sale ends and dive into fall with a fresh new look.


lymphatic compression suit

Save $125


Bundle and save - enjoy a session in our premium HOCATT ozone sauna followed by a treatment in our new Flowpresso lymphatic compression suit for only $150! 

Combo retails for $275 - limited time only.

Now through December 31st 


lymphatic therapy

Only $200


Kick seasonal colds to the curb with our ultimate lymphatic combo special.

Reduce inflammation, drain clogged lymph nodes, and detox it all out with our PEMF Bed, Ozone Sauna, and LET Lymphatic draining therapies. 

Combo retails for $275 - limited time only.

Now through December 31st 


cellcore supplements discount code



Get All Cellcore Supplements & Products for 10% Off

Bind, expel, and recover with our Cellcore supplement therapies. Book a consultation and we will build the right supplement package for your unique wellness goals. 

Now through December 31st 


IV drip membership

Join The Club


Join Our All-New IV Membership Club

For only $100 per month, get one ozone blood IV treatment included, plus add-on unlimited additional ozone blood IVs for only $150 (retail $225). But that's not all, get unlimited vitamin IVs for 20% off! 


laser hair removal treatment

Get 25% Off


This 'No Shave November', celebrate with a laser hair removal treatment.

Named top laser hair removal in Dallas, Texas, by DBEST, OhZone Clinics is the go-to for silky smooth skin and pain free hair removal. Now for a limited time, get 25% off your treatment.


Hair restoration treatment savings


Luscious Locks, Amazing Savings


Save up to $350 with our Hair Regrowth & Beauty Bundle. 

Enjoy a single PRF Hair Restoration Treatment, 5 Red Light panel sessions, and our Peptide Roller at Home Kit, all for only $900 for a limited time.


laser treatment for pain


Have a Pain-Free Holiday


Get 25% Off Our Curewave Laser & PEMF bed treatments for pain and injury. 

We can't make the entire holiday season painless, we know you have in-laws.... but - we can help you reduce inflammation and stimulate rapid healing for sports injuries, arthritis, and more. Get our 6-pack specials for 25% off on 15-minute Curewave laser treatments, and 30-minute PEMF bed treatments.



Health. Wellness. Beauty. Regeneration. 

Welcome to OhZone...




Our Mission is You


Discover the best version of yourself at OhZone Clinics. For nearly a decade, we have been on a mission to make the journey toward wellness as simple as possible by providing best-in-class and cutting-edge services and technologies.

What started so many years ago as a specialized clinic offering dedicated ozone services has grown into a comprehensive wellness center providing a wide range of services to address every aspect of your well-being. We are proud to stand by our mission and grateful to be here for your journey every step of the way.



How Our Treatments Work

Find the perfect treatment or service for all of your needs. Each of our treatments are categorized by the staff specialty required and the technology behind it. Love it all? Ask about our all-new memberships, where you can get specialized packages at discount prices.

Revitalize Your Wellbeing with our Core Clinic Services


At OhZone Clinics, we're committed to providing you with a comprehensive range of services designed to revitalize your well-being from the inside out. Our Core Services form the foundation of our wellness approach and can be added to any service to enhance your results. 

Whether your goal is to accelerate healing, enhance your immune response, or simply unwind and rejuvenate, our Core Services offer a holistic approach to wellness. Experience the transformative power of OhZone Clinics and let us craft a treatment plan customized for you. Book your consultation today.

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Unlock Your Path to Healing With Our Medical Services


At OhZone Clinics, your health is our top priority. Our specialized Medical Services, overseen by our on-site top medical staff, are designed to address your specific health challenges and optimize your well-being. From wellness injections and IVs to comprehensive weight loss programs and functional medical testing, our range of services targets the root causes of illness and promotes holistic healing.

Whether you are looking to boost your immune system, accelerate recovery, or address chronic health issues, our expert medical team is here to craft a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve optimal health. 

Transform Your Appearance with Our Aesthetic Services

Rediscover your confidence and enhance your natural beauty with our specialized Aesthetic Services at OhZone Clinics. Our expert team is dedicated to helping you achieve the radiant, youthful appearance you desire with a range of non-invasive treatments tailored to your individual needs.

From technologically advanced skin treatments to minimally invasive, non-surgical lifts & fillers, our Aesthetic Services are designed to rejuvenate your skin, diminish signs of aging, and boost your self-confidence. At OhZone Clinics, we believe that looking good is an integral part of feeling good, and our team is here to support you on every step of your journey toward a more confident, radiant you. 

Revitalize Your Life with Our Regenerative Services

Embrace a new level of vitality with the Regenerative Services at OhZone Clinics. Our cutting-edge treatments are designed to harness your body's natural healing power and restore optimal function. Whether you're seeking relief from joint pain through advanced plasma treatments and prolozone injections, looking to recharge your cells with NAD treatments, or seeking to enhance your sexual wellness, our regenerative treatments are tailored to your unique needs.

Our expert medical team is dedicated to helping you overcome challenges and achieve a fuller, more vibrant life. At OhZone Clinics, we believe in empowering you to live your life to the fullest, and our Regenerative Services are here to support you on your journey towards optimal health and vitality. 

How Can We Help You?

Our treatments and services cover a wide range of wellness goals.

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