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New! Far Infrared Sauna.

Eliminate Toxins, Pain & Burn Calories!

What is are Far Infrared Saunas?

Infrared saunas are just another way to release toxins from the body and we are so excited to add this to our clinic. Infrared and Ozone are to different treatments however both are effective. Choosing which one is right for you depends on each person however the combination of treatments will have you noticing the difference much quicker.

We recommend using the Beauty Angel after your Far infrared Sauna to help increase the collagen to promote skin radiance, reduce wrinkles, even skin tone and for just overall skin repair.

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Infrared Sauna’s do not steam and thus have a much lower level of humidity. Infrared saunas can stay cooler because they focus on heating up the core itself rather than using the room to do so. The infrared range between 120-150 degrees Fahrenheit which is much more tolerable for those who are sensitive to heat. However, the infrared rays do still induce the intense sweating that characterizes a sauna.

Far infrared saunas are heated by non-visible wavelengths of light (in the infrared part of the spectrum) The infrared light penetrates about 1 ½ inches into the body heating tissues directly, rather than heating the air first. Because of this, Infrared saunas can range from 115-130 degrees Fahrenheit, and still have a similar effect to a sauna that reaches 200 degrees.

The difference between Far and Near-Infrared system is the following. Near infrared system uses actual bulbs to help penetrate the skin and help to improve the surface only. Far-infrared system heats up the internal organs and the fat tissue to help promote toxin release through profuse sweating. Far is the most important component to use when adding this treatment to your wellness protocol as your liver and kidneys are responsible for most of the body’s detoxing.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna Treatments:

  • Toxin Elimination
  • Restoring Tiered & Sore Muscles
  • Increased Nutrient Absorption
  • Cleansing Skill Cells
  • Soft & Beautiful Skin
  • Resistance to Illness
  • Burning Calories
  • Better, More Restful Sleep
  • ...And So Much More!

Infrared Sauna Pricing

1 Session

Infrared Sauna Single Session
ozone sauna in dallas texas $40

10 Pack

10 Infrared Sauna Sessions
ozone medical treatment $250

20 Pack

20 Infrared Sauna Sessions
ozone infection healing $400